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2023-2024 - Art teacher in an elementary school
During my work, I built lesson plans that correspond to the school-wide curriculum
and accompanied students with academic and social difficulties in order to strengthen their self-confidence

2019 - Graphic artist at Banko Lighting
A company for importing lighting fixtures from abroad
As part of the position I was responsible for designing catalogs and preparing for printing and designing marketing content
under schedules while maintaining the company's vision and image.

2018 - Graphic artist at Mag Media
A company for signage and branding of cars and trucks
I was responsible for the design and branding of the vehicles and trucks while building
an independent schedule according to the client's requirements


2014-2017 - Graphic artist in Adiv print
I managed the digital printing department with the execution of printing works according to a schedule.
Working with youth movements, school students and soldiers
I also managed the content for the store app
with working with suppliers

2013 - Illustration of children's books
Drawing and coloring the children's books by hand
while understanding and identifying with the vision of the author of the books and preparation for printing..


Hebrew mother tongue

English - high level

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