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Smart home application project


Unlike other countries, in israel we cannot choose our
electricity provider, because there is only one such
- the electricity company.
electric bill From origin to household in Israel 400 ILS
You can manage the devices better Get more and pay less

In our house there are a lot of devices that are controlled by various switches and remotes. You have to get up from the chair and go to turn them on. There is a problem of devices that are forgotten to be turned on when we leave the house. Sometimes we buy a device that has sophisticated capabilities But we don't know or we don't have time to deal with optimizing his abilities. That's why we offer an application that controls smart devices Straight from the mobile and saves time, worries and money

  • Marketing smart products from an online

       store when the app is complete

  • Paid premium service for optimal management

      of the smart products at home Proper use time                          management Alerts on product integrity and                              recommendations accordingly

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